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Emerald Inspection Service, LLC can provide you for lead paint test and rental inspection for your Maryland rental property. For this process a visual inspection of the property has to be completed. There can be no flaking or peeling paint on any painted surface. This to include exterior buildings. Once the visual inspection has been completed and has passed then the lead dust samples will be taken. One sample from each room. If the rental property has replacement windows then one sample will be taken from the floor and one from the window sill. If the property has the original wood windows, then one sample will be taken from the window well and one sample from a different window sill in the same room.

Once the samples are taken, they are sent overnight to a local lab for testing. All results of the samples are emailed to us and then to you the client. Once the property has passed. The Certificate will be mailed from our office to the client and a copy to the Maryland Department of Environment.

From the time you call us to schedule this inspection at Emerald Inspection Service, LLC we will take great pride to inform you of all the steps and guidelines of this process.  So the next time you need to have your rental property inspected in Maryland, feel free to email us or call anytime.

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